Top 10 Tallest Buildings In Nigeria in 2021

Nigeria, aside from being the most populous black nation in the world is also home to some jaw-dropping edifice and structures, having been swept by the wind of development in the past five decades after independence, we’ll be walking you through some of these structures. In this context, the top 10 tallest buildings in Nigeria in 2021. 

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The Tallest Buildings in Nigeria in 2021

Listed below are the top 10 tallest buildings in Nigeria and their respective locations across the country.

1. NECOM House 

Tallest buildings in Nigeria

NECOM House is the tallest building in Nigeria. The 525 ft (160 m) building is located in Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. The building was formerly named NITEL Tower and before that, the NET Building. It is worth noting that the NECOM House is the tallest building in Lagos. The 32-floor building was completed in 1979. Designed and constructed by Nickson Borys & Partners. The NECOM House remains the Tallest building in Nigeria and in West Africa from 1979 till date.

2. Champagne Pearl Tower

Tallest buildings in Nigeria

The Champagne Pearl Tower is the Second-tallest building in Nigeria at an astonishing height of 134 m (440 ft) located in Eco Atlantic City, Lagos Nigeria. The 30-floor Champagne Pearl Tower is also the second tallest building in West Africa, this massive edifice was completed in 2017. 

3. Union Bank Building, Lagos

Tallest Buildings In Nigeria

Union Bank Building is the third-tallest building in Nigeria at a height of 124 m (407 ft) located at 36 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. The 28-floor building serves as the headquarters of the Union Bank of Nigeria.

4. World Trade Centre (Tower II) 

Tallest Buildings In Nigeria
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WTC Tower (2) is located at Plot 1113, Constitution Avenue, Central Business District, Abuja, FCT. The WTC Tower II is the tallest building in Abuja, and the 4th tallest building in Nigeria, standing at 120 m (394 ft). The 25 floor World Trade Centre Abuja was opened in 2016. 
The World Trade Centre is a complex of eight buildings under construction in the Central Business District of Abuja, FCT. There are seven skyscrapers proposed for this site, two of which have already been completed with the six (6) others still under construction some, at various stages of completion. A whooping ₦152 billion ($1billion) was budgeted for these trade complexes. 

5. Eko Tower (II)

Fifth on this list is the magnificent Eko Tower (II) also known as the Eko pearl tower. Eko Tower (II) is located at 1415 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island – Lagos standing at a height of 118 m (387 ft) making it the 5th  tallest buildings in Nigeria. The 27-floor building was designed for various functions such as residence, medical centre, conferences, etc.

6. Black Pearl Tower

Black Pearl Tower II

The Black Pearl Tower is located in Lagos, Nigeria. With an overwhelming height of 112 m (367 ft). The 25-floor apartment building places itself as the sixth tallest buildings in Nigeria.

7. World Trade Centre (Tower I)

wtc tower 1

Seventh on this list is the world trade centre Tower (1). Standing at a height of 110 m (361 ft), the 24-floor WTC Tower 1 is a residential building with 120 apartments located in the Same complex.

8. Ministry Of Communication’s Building

Tallest Buildings In Nigeria

Eight on this list is the Ministry of Communication Building. The Ministry of Communication Building is Located at Obalende, Okesuna, Lewis St, Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria standing at a height of 109 m (358 ft) with 30 floors it secured its place as the eight (8) tallest building in Nigeria.

9. The 21 Storeys Smart Office Complex

21 storey Smart Building in Uyo

The 21 storeys smart office complex, is the 9th tallest building in Nigeria, this massive edifice is located in the central business district of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The building is set to host any known corporate organization or world-class company in the Nigeria Oil and Gas industry.

This magnificent structure stands at a height of  108.8 meters (21 floors) occupying an area of 18, 639.50 square meters on a massive site area of 48,200.00 square meters, making room for about at least 500 capacity car park.

10. Cocoa House, Ibadan

Here comes the 10th tallest building in Nigeria “The Cocoa House” standing at a height of 105 m (344 ft), the Cocoa House located in the ancient city of Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria. The 26-floor Cocoa House was completed in 1965, cocoa house was built from the proceeds from commodities (e.g., Cocoa, Rubber, Timber, and so on) of the then Western State of Nigeria.


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