To study Zoology in any accredited university or polytechnic in Nigeria, here is the Jamb and Waec subject combination and requirements you need to look out for.
Note that English Language is Compulsory for all courses in UTME.

The UTME Subjects includes;
Biology and any two (2) of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

(1) UNIPORT requires Physics.
(2) AAU requires Biology and Chemistry.
(3) FED-LAFIA, WESTERN-DEL, IGBINEDION and UNN require Chemistry, Biology and Physics/Mathematics.
(4) FUAM, UNILAG, EKSU, UNIBEN and DELSU require Biology, Physics
and Chemistry.
(5) DELSU, EKSU, UI does not accept Agric Science as a Science subject.
(6) UDUSOK accepts Agricultural Science.
(7) OSUSTECH requires Biology, Chemistry and any one of Mathematics, Physics and Agricultural Science.
(8) KWASU requires English chosen course and any Two From Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Further Mathematics.
(9) BASU requires Chemistry, Biology and Physics or Mathematics.

O’Level Requirements
You require;
Five (5) WASSC credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology and any two (2) other science subject.

(1) LASU requires chemistry plus at least a pass in Physics.
(2) AAUA requires a credit pass in Chemistry as the fifth subject.
(3) IMSU Requires at least a pass in Physics.
(4) IGBINEDION requires O’ level credit in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry plus Physics or any other Science Subject.
(5) UNN requires five (5) O’ level credit passes obtained at not more than two sittings including Biology, English Language, Mathematics or Physics and Chemistry at School Certificate or its equivalent.
(6) UNIPORT requires Physics and Chemistry.
(7) BASU, UNIBEN and UNILORIN require credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. UNIBEN accepts credit pass in any Science Subject in lieu of Physics.
(8) OAU requires Physics or Chemistry.
(9) UNICAL requires Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. MOUAU accepts a pass in English.
(10) UNIMAID accepts a pass in English Language with a credit pass in Sciences.
(11) RSUST requires Chemistry.
(12) DELSU accepts Health/Science in lieu of Biology and does not require Mathematics.
(13) IMSU accepts a pass in English Language.
(14) UI requires five (5) or six (6) credit passes at one (1) or two (2) sittings to include, English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and any other Science subject except Agricultural Science.
(15) UNIMAID requires credit passes in Chemistry and Physics/Geography.
(16) UNIUYO requires a Credit passes in Mathematics and Chemistry and may accept P.7 in Physics.
(17) RENAISSANCE requires geography.
(18) KSUST requires credit in Chemistry and accepts credit in Agriculture in lieu of Biology.
(19) KSU and ABSU require five SSCE credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.
(20) FED-LAFIA requires credit passes in English Language, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology/Agricultural Science.
(21) UNILAG requires credit passes in Chemistry and Physics as the other two (2) science subjects.
(22) WESTERN-DEL requires five (5) WASSC credit passes to include; English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, either Biology or Agricultural Science and Geography.
(23) OSUSTECH requires five ‘O’ level credit passes to include; English language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and any one of Agricultural Science, Physics and Geography.
(24) KWASU requires credit passes from English Language, Mathematics and any three of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Further Mathematics and Agricultural Science.
(25) FUAM – Candidates seeking admission into any of these Programmes must possess five (5) credit passes which MUST be from one examination body (i.e. either WAEC or NECO) and obtained at NOT more than two (2) sittings. The Department does not accept the combination of both WASSC and NECO. Students of the University of Agriculture, Makurdi Pre-degree Remedial Science Programme who pass their end of session examinations are considered or admission on the condition that they also pass UTME.
NOTE: Agricultural Science and Health Science shall NOT be accepted in place of Biology. Further Mathematics shall NOT be accepted in place of Physics or Mathematics.
(26) UNIJOS requires five (5) WASSC credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and one other Science subject.
(27) BSU accepts passes in five (5) prescribed subjects in Preliminary Science of BSU in addition to minimum UTME score.

Direct Entry Requirements
You require;
Two (2) ‘A’ level passes or NCE in Biology, Zoology or Botany and one other Science subject

(1) OAU accepts ‘A’ Zoology or Botany.
(2)UNICAL accepts Chemistry and Mathematics/Physics.
(3) UNN accepts:
a) Two ‘A’ level GCE/HSC passes in Chemistry and Biology/Botany/Zoology plus UTME requirement.
b) A degree in relevant fields plus UTME requirements, HND and NCE credit pass are acceptable.
(4) UI, EKSU, and OAU do not accept NCE.
(5) UDUSOK accept ND/HND in relevant fields and UNILORIN accepts NCE passes in Biology and Chemistry plus UTME requirements.
(6) IMSU, UNIPORT and ABSU – No Direct Entry.
(7) UNIUYO accepts ND/HND in relevant fields plus UTME requirements.
(8) LASU accepts Chemistry and Biology/Botany/Zoology plus a pass in Physics.
(9) AAU accept ‘A’ level Chemistry and one from Biology/Botany/Zoology.
(10) MAUTECH accepts HND (lower credit) in a relevant field.
(11) AAU accepts A/L passes in Chemistry and Biology/ Zoology/Botany.
(12) DELSU accepts A’ level to include Chemistry and ND (Upper credit) in Science Technology.
(13) IGBINEDION accepts two A’ level to include Zoology and one of Botany or Chemistry. Also accepts ND/HND (lower credit) in Biology, Food Technology or Botany.
(14) EKSU and AAUA require A’ level passes in both Chemistry and Biology.
(15) EKSU accepts ‘A’ level in both Chemistry and Biology. Accept ND upper credit in Biology/ Agric. Science and Chemistry.
(16) UNILAG accepts:
a) Very good passes in the following three (3) JUPEB/A-LEVEL subjects:
Biology Chemistry and Physics.
b) Does not accept NCE.
(17) UI does not accept Agricultural Science as Science subjects.
(18) KBSUST accepts:
a) any two A-level papers on Chemistry and Biology/Agriculture.
b) NCE in Agricultural Science.
c)’A’ level passes in Chemistry or Mathematics will be an advantage but is not compulsory.
(19) UNIBEN in addition to UTME requirements requires:
a) two ‘A’ level passes chosen from Biology, Zoology and any other Science course.
b) ND (Upper credit)/HND (Lower Credit) in Science Laboratory Technology, Food Technology.
c) NCE (Overall Merit) with credit pass in Biology or Zoology.
(20) UNILORIN NCE passes in Biology and Chemistry/Physics are acceptable plus UTME requirements.
(21) SOUTHWESTERN accepts:
a) NCE (credit) in Biology or Chemistry. A’ level Chemistry and Biology/Botany/Zoology.
b)Accepts merit in ND (upper credit) or HND in relevant courses is acceptable. ‘O’ Level credit in either Physics or Mathematics in addition to ‘A’ level passes in Chemistry and Biology is acceptable.
(22) ABU accepts Agricultural Science in lieu of Biology.
(23) WESTERN-DEL accepts:
a) Two ‘A’ level passes to include Botany, Zoology or Biology and any one of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
b) ND/NCE with at least merit passes in relevant subjects
(24) OSUSTECH requires:
a) Two A’ level passes in Biology, Chemistry or Physics.
b) National Diploma (ND) with Distinction and credit passes in relevant subjects.
(25) KWASU accepts:
a) Two G.C.E. A/L or its equivalent, one of which must be in relevant subject.
b) ND with (minimum Upper Credit) in relevant field.
c) HND (lower credit) in relevant field.
d) NCE Candidate with minimum of Credit passes in relevant subjects may be considered for Direct Entry Admission provided they possess the necessary O’Level requirements
(26) FUAM requires ‘A’ Level GCE passes in Biology, Chemistry and either Physics or Mathematics MUST be obtained. NCE, ND, and HND graduates in Science/ Technology with credit level passes in the relevant subjects must be considered in addition to UTME requirements.
(27) BASU accepts IJMB/ ‘A’level passes in any three (3) of the following subjects Biology, Chemistry and any one (1) of Mathematics, Physics or Agricultural Science. ND lower credit in the following areas: Science Laboratory Technology Biology/Microbiology Option, Animal Health and Husbandry, and Food Science Technology. The candidate must also have the five (5) ‘O’ level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics

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