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LAUTECH Cut-Off Mark

LAUTECH Cut-Off Mark for 2022/2023 | LAUTECH Departmental Cut Off Marks

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LAUTECH Cut-Off Mark for 2022/2023: We are pleased to inform the general public that the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology management has released its Cut-off marks for all courses for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology courses are fully accredited and recognized by the National University Commission (NUC), a body overseeing all tertiary institutions (Universities) in Nigeria.

LAUTECH Cut-Off Mark for For all Courses 2022

This is to inform the general public, especially aspirants of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), that the University’s cut-off mark for the JAMB 2022/2023 academic session is 180. Candidates who scored at least 180 in the just-concluded Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination (UTME) and had chosen the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) as their first choice of institution are eligible to purchase and participate in the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology’s screening exercise.


Prospective students are expected to meet all Ladoke Akintola University of Technology’s admission requirements before being admitted. Kindly CLICK HERE to see all LAUTECH Courses and requirements you need to look out for.

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LAUTECH Departmental POST-UTME Cut Off Marks for 2022/2023

Below is a list of LAUTECH departmental POST-UTME cut-off marks for the institutions’ various departments, interested applicants are advised to note that admission into LAUTECH is based on merits and catchments area considerations.

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

  • Agric Economics (AEC) – Merit: 57.85; Catchment: 43.0
  • Agric Extension and Rural Development (AER)– Merit: 55.95; Catchment: 41.1
  • Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology (ANB) – Merit: 56.6; Catchment: 44.6
  • Animal Production and Health (APH) – Merit: 57.85; Catchment: 40.65
  • Crop Production and Soil Science (CPS) – Merit: 50.35; Catchment: 40.0
  • Crop and Environmental Protection (CEP) – Merit: 48.0; Catchment: 40.0

Faculty of Management Sciences

  • Accounting (ACT) – Merit: 62.2; Catchment: 54.75
  • Business Management – Merit: 58.05; Catchment: 41.55
  • Economics – Merit: 61.85; Catchment: 43.5
  • Marketing (MKT) – Merit: 58.1; Catchment: 39.4
  • Transport Management (TPM) – Merit: 57.5; Catchment: 44.7
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Faculty of Engineering Technology

  • Agricultural Engineering (AGE) – Merit: 56.8; Catchment: 43.9
  • Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) – Merit: 60.7; Catchment: 48.35
  • Civil Engineering (CVE) – Merit: 63.7; Catchment: 54.35
  • Chemical Engineering (CHE) – Merit: 64.85; Catchment: 48.1
  • Food Science and Engineering (FSE) – Merit: 58.5; Catchment: 45.0
  • Mechanical Engineering (MEE)– Merit: 62.75; Catchment: 52.4
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)– Merit: 60.75; Catchment: 51.7

Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences

  • Pure and Applied Biology (PAB) – Merit: 55.9; Catchment: 41.1
  • Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC) – Merit: 55.4; Catchment: 42
  • Pure and Applied Mathematics (PAM) – Merit: 55.7; Catchment: 44.55
  • Pure and Applied Physics (PAP) – Merit: 56.1; Catchment: 45.15
  • Earth Sciences (ESC) – Merit: 51.7; Catchment: 40.0
  • Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) – Merit: 58.6; Catchment: 52.7
  • Statistics (STA) – Merit: 55.35; Catchment: 44.3

Faculty of Environmental Sciences

  • Architecture (ARC) – Merit: 63.2; Catchment: 54.4
  • Fine and Applied Arts (FAA) – Merit: 59.0; Catchment: 40.0
  • Urban and Regional Planning (URP) – Merit: 57.5; Catchment: 40.35

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

  • Anatomy (ANA)– Merit: 58.95; Catchment: 49.15
  • Biochemistry (BCH) – Merit: 60.6; Catchment: 53.55
  • Physiology (PSG) – Merit: 59.9; Catchment: 52.25

Faculty of Clinical Sciences

  • Medicine (MED) – Merit: 80.9; Catchment: 77.3
  • Biomedical – Merit: 70.45; Catchment: 64.4

Faculty of Nursing Sciences

  • Nursing (NUR) – Merit: 71.75; Catchment: 66.6

Faculty of Food and Consumer Sciences

  • Food Science – Merit: 57.05; Catchment: 42.4
  • Nutrition and Dietetics – Merit: 57.9; Catchment: 42.65

Faculty of Computing and Informatics

  • Computer Science– Merit: 62.4; Catchment: 57.75
  • Cyber Security Science – Merit: 56.9; Catchment: 43.7
  • Information System Science – Merit: 51.5; Catchment: 40

How To Calculate LAUTECH Aggregate Score

Below is a detailed guide on how to calculate the LAUTECH aggregate score for candidates who participated in LAUTECH’s POST-UTME Screening exercise.

  • Divide your JAMB/UTME score by 8
  • Divide your POST-UTME score by 2
  • After which you add both of them together.

Take, for instance, you scored 300 in UTME/JAMB and subsequently scored 80 in LAUTECH’s POST-UTME, below is how to calculate your LAUTECH aggregate score.

Divide your JAMB score of 300 by 8 = 37.5
Now, divide your LAUTECH POST-UTME score of 80 by 2 = 40

Lastly, sum the answers of the two products above like this;

37.5 + 40 = 77.5

Your LAUTECH’s aggregate score is 77.5

LAUTECH FAQs for aspiring students

These are some of the most frequently asked questions and best possible answers for all prospective Ladoke Akintola University of Technology applicants. Kindly go through them thoroughly as they would be very useful in helping you know your course and the course’s required cut-off mark and every other information you need to know.

What is LAUTECH’s current cut-off mark?LAUTECH cut-off mark is 180. Any UTME candidate that scores 180 and above is eligible for the LAUTECH post UTME screening exercise.
Does LAUTECH Accept second-choice candidates?LAUTECH accepts only candidates who chose the university as their first choice institution in UTME.
Can LAUTECH accept me if I score 180?As stated above, only UTME candidates that score 180 and above are eligible to apply for LAUTECH post UTME therefore you are qualified.
What is LAUTECH’s cut-off mark for Economics?Candidates with 230 and above and score at least 65 in their POST-UTME have higher chances of studying Accounting in LAUTECH. However, if you score 180 and above, you are eligible for the POST-UTME screening test at the institution but you will be required to change your course.
If I score 200 in jamb and still use LAUTECH as my second choice can I gain admission?LAUTECH will only admit first-choice candidates irrespective of your JAMB score.
How can I change my university to LAUTECH because I passed their cut-off mark?Purchase a change of course form from JAMB, it costs about two-thousand five hundred Naira (N2,500). Fill in the necessary details and submit. You will be informed when your application is successful via the registered email or you can verify via JAMB CAPS.
I have my complete O’Level result and 200 JAMB score, I am applying for Microbiology. What are my chances of gaining admission to LAUTECH?With a 200 JAMB score and complete O’level, you still stand a chance of gaining admission into LAUTECH but definitely not Microbiology. You should change your course to a less competitive one.
What is LAUTECH’s JAMB cut-off mark for Pharmacy and Medicine and Surgery?We will advise you to score at least 260 and above in your JAMB and a minimum of 70 in your POST-UTME to stand a chance of studying both Pharmacy and Medicine. But you need to first confirm if Medicine and Pharmacy are offered in LAUTECH.
I am an indigene of Oyo, can I be considered for admission if I score below the cut-off mark?The JAMB cut-off mark for LAUTECH is the same for all candidates irrespective of the candidate’s state of origin.
What is the cut-off mark for Business Administration in LAUTECH?We advise that you score at least 230 and above in your JAMB and at least 65 in your POST-UTME so that when your aggregate score is calculated, you will stand a better chance of gaining admission into LAUTECH.
What is the cut-off mark for computer science in LAUTECH, I scored 170, and can I gain admission?LAUTECH’s cut-off mark for computer science is 240 and above though the higher your UTME score, the better your chances. Also, your post UTME score would be the determining factor. Notwithstanding, you are eligible to participate in the post UTME or change your course to a less competitive one.
I am an indigene and I scored 225 in JAMB, can I secure admission to LAUTECH?The answer is YES you can because you scored higher than the minimum cut-off mark for LAUTECH. However, gaining admission would also depend on the course you selected.
What are LAUTECH JAMB cut off marks and aggregate scores for lawYou need a JAMB score of at least 250 to study Law but you also need to confirm Law is offered at LAUTECH before going ahead.
Can someone with 210 in my JAMB, can I gain admission into LAUTECH to study accounting?You can gain admission into LAUTECH but you cannot study Accounting with a 210 UTME score. Accounting is a professional course hence the high JAMB cut-off mark. You need at least a 244 aggregate score to study Accounting at LAUTECH.
Does LAUTECH accept Transfer students from other universities?Yes LAUTECH accepts transfer students so long as you meet their requirements.
What is the JAMB cut-off mark for Engineering in LAUTECH?With a JAMB score of 180 you are eligible to participate in LAUTECH post UTME However, you require at least 245 and above you can study Engineering in LAUTECH. Engineering courses require a high JAMB score due to the strong competition for admission slots.
What is the required JAMB cut-off mark for the Faculty of Social Sciences and Management Sciences?The cut-off mark varies. For faculty of social sciences is 180 while management science is 180 respectively.
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We believe it was helpful in your query about the LAUTECH Cut-off mark for the 2022/2023 academic year. Kindly leave us a comment in the comment section.

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