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easiest nursing schools to get into in Texas

Easiest Nursing Schools to Get into in Texas 2023, Acceptance Rates

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Getting into any nursing school in Texas is quite competitive as most institution enrolls just a few tens to hundreds from a pool of thousands of applications they receive. To aid the selection process, these institutions use metrics such as a high GPA and a ridiculously low acceptance rate so it could be much easy to handpick candidates with the best intellectual capabilities. In this article, we compiled a list of some of the easiest nursing schools to get into in Texas, to which you can apply and be considered for admission. Kindly read through to learn more.

The nursing profession includes the application of the knowledge acquired from biological, social, behavioral, and biomedical sciences, to proffer the best healthcare solutions for an ailing patient. The nursing school prepares graduates for both basic and advanced clinical practice roles, as well as for educational, administrative, and research positions across the healthcare delivery system worldwide.

Nursing School Application Requirements

  • Official transcript from high school and other college-level coursework
  • Standardized test scores
  • Admission application
  • Personal essay or statement letter
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Volunteer experience (preferably in healthcare; ideally with duties connected to patient care)
  • Application fee (fee can be waived if the application is submitted during a tour of campus)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if applicable

What are the Nursing Schools Requirements?

Admission requirements into any nursing school vary from school to school, and oftentimes the requirements depend on how prestigious or highly ranked the institution is but then, we have listed some of the few common requirements you are likely to find amongst these schools. Most nursing schools accept applicants with;

  • A record of community service.
  • A record of leadership.
  • Some clinical experience.
  • A resume with relevant experience in the field of Nursing
  • Letters of recommendation from previous institutions/teachers.
  • A letter of motivation or personal essay
  • A “B” average or better in high school
  • Proof that you paid the application fee (if there is one)
  • One year of high school biology with a C or better
  • One year of high school chemistry with a C or better
  • Two years of college-preparatory math with a C or better
  • GPA of 2.75 or higher for the ADN program or a GPA of 3.0 or higher for the BSN program
  • SATs or TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills)
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Through the four-year nursing degree program, you’ll learn how to understand health and disease so you can effectively diagnose and treat in order to improve a patient’s quality of life. Without any further ado, let’s walk you through some of the easiest nursing schools to get into in Texas.

List of Easiest Nursing Schools to Get into in Texas

Yes, you need a less competitive nursing school to apply for studies, but before applying to any nursing school, several factors must be considered, these include; the learning facilities of such institution, the accreditation, the average NCLEX-RN pass rate, and many more. It might interest you to know that these are some of the criteria we based our selection on. So below are a few of the easiest nursing schools in Texas, these schools are also some of the least competitive nursing schools in Texas. You can apply for studies as far as you meet their requirements.


Name of Institution Acceptance Rates Average NCLEX Passing Rate Minimum GPA
Cox College of Nursing 100% 98.25% 2.0 or higher
D’Youville College 88% 80% 3.43
Herzing University – Madison 91% 89.84% 2.5
The University of Texas at El Paso 100% 80% 2.0
Mississippi University for Women 99% 100% 3.0
University of Southern Mississippi 97% 95.89% 3.5 out of 4.0.
Brigham Young University – Idaho 89% 92% 3.0
California University of Pennsylvania 94% 90% 2.0 or higher
Western Kentucky University 65% 95% 2.75
Wichita State University 92% 89% 2.75
Maryville University of Saint Louis 89% 93% 3.4
West Coast University – Orange County 100% 91% 2.0
Wright State University-Main Campus 96% 87% 3.25 or above
University of Kentucky College of Nursing 100% 100% 3.4
University of Toledo College of Nursing 81% 90% 3.6
Curry College School of Nursing 87% 100% 2.9 (3.0 preferred)
MCPHS University Accelerated BS Nursing 85% 92% 3.0
North Dakota State University-Main Campus 94% 92.58% 3.5 or higher
University of Saint Francis – Fort Wayne 96.3% 96% 2.7 grade point average on a 4.0 scale
Gwynedd Mercy University 88% 100% 2.5
South Dakota State University College of Nursing 92.4% 89% 2.7
Southwestern Oklahoma State University 93% 94.7% 2.50 (on a 4.0 scale)
The University of Alabama at Birmingham 94% 96% 2.75
University of Kansas School of Nursing 55% 90% 2.5
Barry University College of Nursing 66% 96.65% 3.0
Marshall University School of Nursing 87% 91.84% 3.0
Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health 97% 93.8% 3.46
University of Colorado Colorado Springs College of Nursing 87% 92% 3.3 or higher
University of Northern Colorado School of Nursing 50% 94% 3.0 GPA or higher
Albany State University 73% 89% 2.8
Indiana State University School of Nursing 57% 83.7% 3.6
Keigwin School of Nursing 92% 98.65% 3.50 on a 4.00 scale
Mennonite College of Nursing 93% 95-96% 3.93 on a 4.0 scale
Northern Kentucky University 90% 96% 2.70
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Getting admitted to any nursing school is very competitive, yes, these varsities handpick their prospective students based on merits and intellectual capability due to the intellectual demands of the nursing profession.

Nonetheless, we have listed some of the easiest nursing schools to get into in Texas with relatively moderate entry requirements for prospective applicants.

Furthermore, we have put in all our best in making sure that we provided the most accurate information, but do note that admission statistics and data are dynamic. Therefore, we always encourage you to verify these details from the official school admissions office.

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