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Nursing Schools that Don't Require TEAS Tests in California

Nursing Schools that Don’t Require TEAS Tests in California

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Embarking on a career in nursing is a noble and rewarding pursuit. California, known for its outstanding healthcare facilities and cutting-edge medical advancements, attracts numerous aspiring nurses from across the nation. However, for many prospective nursing students, the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) can be a significant hurdle because many nursing schools require the TEAS as part of their admissions process.

The good news is that not all nursing schools in the state mandate TEAS scores for admission. In this article, we will explore top nursing schools in California that don’t require TEAS tests, offering an alternative pathway for individuals to achieve their dreams of becoming a nurse. Let’s explore these institutions that value a more holistic approach to nursing education. 

Understanding the TEAS Test and Its Purpose

Before diving into a list of some nursing schools that do not require TEAS, let’s briefly discuss the TEAS test and why some nursing schools utilize it for admissions. The Test of Essential Academic Skills assesses a candidate’s knowledge of key subject areas, including math, science, reading, and English language usage. While it may be a useful tool to evaluate academic aptitude, some schools recognize that it may not be the sole predictor of nursing success. Hence, they choose to adopt alternative admission criteria.

A Holistic Approach to Nursing Education

Nursing schools that forgo the TEAS test requirement offer several advantages to prospective students. Firstly, these schools focus on a more holistic approach to admissions, considering factors beyond standardized test scores. This approach allows them to recognize applicants with exceptional dedication, hands-on experience, and interpersonal skills—equally vital qualities in nursing.

Secondly, these schools promote diversity within their student body, attracting individuals from various backgrounds and experiences. This diversity enriches the learning environment and better prepares future nurses to handle the complexities of patient care in a multicultural society. 

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Nursing Schools that Don’t Require TEAS Tests in California

Below is a list of top nursing schools you can apply to in California without having to take the TEAS test.

#1: University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) 

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) stands at the forefront of nursing education, offering a prestigious Nursing Program that values excellence, diversity, and inclusivity. One of the Program’s distinctive features is its TEAS-free admission process, recognizing that standardized testing may only partially capture an applicant’s potential or passion for nursing. By removing the hurdle of the TEAS test, UCSF prepares future nurses to embark on their career journeys with confidence and dedication, focusing on their commitment to patient care and their desire to impact the healthcare industry positively.


CSF’s Nursing Program is led by distinguished faculty members who are renowned experts in their fields. The curriculum is designed to cover a wide range of nursing principles, evidence-based practices, and advanced healthcare technologies, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education.

Also, Hands-on experience is integral to UCSF’s Nursing Program. Students engage in immersive clinical rotations in top-tier healthcare facilities, gaining invaluable practical skills and confidence in real-world patient care settings.

So, If you seek a program that values your unique qualities and passion for nursing, the University of California, San Francisco, invites you to join their prestigious Nursing Program and embark on an inspiring journey that will shape your future and the future of healthcare.

#2: University of California, Irvine 

The University of California, Irvine, does not require the TEAS or HESI for their BSN program. The TEAS and HESI-free admission process allows the Program to evaluate candidates comprehensively, considering academic achievements, personal qualities, and dedication to nursing, rather than relying solely on standardized test scores.


The Program is led by esteemed faculty members who are leaders in the nursing field. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to include various nursing concepts, evidence-based practices, and cutting-edge healthcare technologies. Students participate in immersive clinical rotations and real-world patient care experiences, preparing them to excel in diverse healthcare settings.

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Furthermore, UCI fosters a collaborative and supportive learning community. Faculty members and advisors provide personalized guidance, ensuring nursing students receive the mentorship they need to thrive academically and professionally.

#3: Dominican University of California

The Nursing Program at the Dominican University of California fosters a diverse, inclusive, and compassionate community of nurses. By offering a TEAS-free admission process, Dominican University equips aspiring nurses to focus on their passion, dedication, and unique qualities to make them exceptional healthcare providers. It is one of the nursing schools that don’t require TEAS tests in California.

With expert faculty, hands-on learning opportunities, and personalized support, students at Dominican University receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for a successful and rewarding nursing career. If you aspire to be a nurse and want to kickstart your journey without facing standardized testing, the Dominican University of California welcomes you with open arms.


#4: San Bernardino Valley College

San Bernardino Valley College’s Nursing Program is a testament to the institution’s commitment to empowering future nurses. By offering a TEAS-free admission process, SBVC ensures that aspiring nurses can focus on their dedication and passion for healthcare, unburdened by standardized testing. With experienced faculty, comprehensive training, and a supportive learning environment, SBVC nurtures the growth of competent and compassionate nurses ready to positively influence patient care and the healthcare industry. 

#5: California State University, Fullerton 

California State University, Fullerton’s Nursing Program exemplifies a commitment to nurturing compassionate and skilled nurses who will impact patient care and the healthcare community. By adopting a TEAS-free admission process, CSUF extends an invitation to aspiring nurses from all walks of life, encouraging them to embrace their passion for healthcare and pursue their dream careers unburdened by standardized testing.

With expert faculty, hands-on training, and a supportive learning environment, CSUF ensures that its nursing students graduate with the confidence and competence to thrive in their chosen path. If you desire to become a nurse and seek a program that values your individuality and dedication, California State University, Fullerton, welcomes you to embark on an inspiring nursing journey that will shape your future and the lives of those you serve.

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#6: Samuel Merritt University 

Samuel Merritt University’s Nursing is one of California’s Nursing Schools that Doesn’t Require TEAS Tests. The Program is dedicated to providing equal access to nursing education for students from diverse backgrounds and learning styles. By eliminating the TEAS test requirement, SMU ensures that all applicants have an equitable chance to pursue their nursing aspirations.

Samuel Merritt University believes in assessing nursing applicants holistically, considering their academic achievements, personal qualities, and dedication to the nursing profession. This approach allows the Program to identify individuals with the drive and compassion necessary to excel as nurses.

Standardized testing can create stress and pressure for nursing school applicants. By embracing a TEAS-free admission process, SMU offers a more relaxed and supportive environment, enabling students to focus on academic preparation and personal growth.


Embracing a career in nursing is a noble pursuit, and standardized testing should not become a roadblock to achieving your dreams. Fortunately, some exceptional nursing schools in California have acknowledged the limitations of TEAS tests and adopted a more holistic approach to admissions. Institutions like the University of California, San Francisco, Samuel Merritt University, Dominican University of California, San Bernardino Vally College, and the University of California, Irvine, have prioritized the evaluation of applicants based on their academic achievements, experiences and genuine passion for nursing.

So, if you’re an aspiring nurse concerned about the rigors associated with the TEAS test, these nursing schools present fantastic opportunities to kickstart your nursing journey. Focus on showcasing your passion, dedication, and commitment to the nursing profession, and the doors to these esteemed institutions may swing open, leading you to a fulfilling career as a nurse. Remember, your journey towards becoming a compassionate healthcare professional begins with the right choice of nursing school—one that values you beyond standardized tests. Good luck!


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